Chapter History

On October 22, 1922 a group of young women began a sorority under the name Kappa Pi, and adopted a coat of arms. From the very beginning, these women wanted their organization to stand for a worthwhile mission and high ideals. They immediately decided to have their own home, and soon a house was built. Dr. George S. Sexton, Centenary's President at the time, was very influential in helping the women build their home.

Soon, the ladies of Kappa Pi decided that they wanted to become a national sorority. They focused their attention on Zeta Tau Alpha, petitioned to join, and sent a scrapbook to the National Office. In 1926, the National Inspector was sent to inspect Kappa Pi, and on January 27, 1927, a charter was granted to the ladies at Centenary College.

On May 3, 1927, the pledging ceremonies began to initiate the charter members of the Beta Iota chapter into the fraternity. On May 6, 1927, the Beta Iota chapter was installed, and the ladies of Kappa Pi were initiated. This made Zeta Tau Alpha the first national women's fraternity to enter Centenary!

We do not live in our house, but are very proud to use it as the location for our chapter meetings and other important events. We put a great deal of effort into keeping it up and clean. Our local chapter symbols include the strawberry and Raggedy Ann!

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